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CPT Fitness - Defined

Wanting to lose weight? Need to put up big stats this season? Or are you just wanting to look your BEST for your social media selfies?  REGARDLESS the case - all of them include improving and feeling more CONFIDENT.


Achieving your goals gives you a sense of confidence that motivates you to believe in yourself and keep going for more! That's what CPT Nation is about. 

Offering group fitness and personal training, we deliver premium workouts and motivation that will help you reach your specific goals.

Our methods involve progressive training, in which we adjust all workouts based on each persons current level, becoming better each day and leading to noticeable results and improvements in performance in optimal time! We strongly believe that the biggest part of achieving results is through consistency and efficient programming. 

Most fitness organizations practice efficient exercise programs, however, CPT Nation also prioritizes the overall experience so that you enjoy every workout and look forward to the next!

High energy, High intensity, a family environment, and personal interaction with all of our members ensures that you realize how much we value your dedication to us and will do everything we can to make it the best workout experience of your life!

Personal Training

Group Training

You won't get the ass you want by Sitting on IT

CPT Nation

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